What is a good route for beginners?

What is a good route for beginners?

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My husband and I are planning our first pilgrimage this summer. We have 2 weeks this July or August. We would love advice on a good route, something picturesque but not too difficult for beginners. Also advise on the best time to travel between July and August. :?:

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  1. I think it better if you begin from a point like Roncisvalle and go until u feel good. Next time u will continue the journey. Enjoy the way and don’t think about cards..

  2. I would suggest the Portuguese Way. It is not too difficult. You can start anywhere between Porto, Portugal up to Tuy on the Spanish border. You will get a certificate alright if you are concerned about that. Unfortunately neither July or August are the best times of the year to walk the Camiño be it the Portuguese way or any other one. It can be extremely hot during that time of the year. You can expect temperatures in the high 80’s up to possibly the 100′ ºF.
    I will be doing the French way this year. I will be starting sometime in May because of the temperatures. Last year I did the Portuguese way in Early October, from Porto all the way up Santiago and then to Finisterra and the weather was nice too with the occasional rain shower. Bon camiño! (this is the Galican way to say it)

  3. I would suggest to start in León or Sarria. if you start in Leon you need 2 weeks to complete El Camino, and except a couple of days where you will have to cross some mountains, the rest is easy. Please feel free to check our trips and find the one most interesting for you. Deffenatly you should not start in SJPDP as it is a difficult route. http://www.spainismore.es/caminodesantiago

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