What is best route to take while walking with a seven year old?

Camino de Santiago with Children


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Has anyone had the experience of walking the camino with a seven year old child? I hope to go in 2013 around may but I’ve read that in previous years the weather has been terrible! The last thing I want to do is give up after a few days. We can go at any stage really. We have 3-4 weeks in total. I at least want to do the hundred kilometres and eventually finish in finisterre. I thought to go to Leon and take a bus to start maybe in astorga or even further on. Ideas please! Also wondering if it would be a good or a bad idea to bring her bicycle? What type of shoes would be best for her to wear? Are there huge distances between hostels if the weather gets bad or for some reason we need to take an extra night? All advice greatly appreciated!

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  1. I have met young children walking with their parents on the way. I must
    however say that I have not seen them for many days. If I would take a
    child of that age I would not want to walk more than 10km per day and I
    would carry all the child’s stuff. The hostels are relatively close
    between and you may find about three in any 10km stretch. If not a
    hostel then a local church may even accommodate you with the child.
    Children are not as heavy on their feet as adults so good walking shoes
    should do. The last 112 km from Sarria has some steep hills but if you
    decide to spend 14 days walking shorter distances then that will work. I
    suggest you spend at least two days in Santiago and take the bus to
    Finnisterre and stay there for another three days. The first day you can
    just walk the beaches and swim in the ocean, the second day you walk to
    the light house where the Camino ends and the third day you travel back
    to Santiago.

    1. Look for “girls on the way” Blog. Mom and two girls (10 and 7) doing the entire Way. ( And they really did it)

  2. You’d end up carrying the bike. Stay away from the Meseta. I loved it but it was grueling some days. How is she with blisters? The last 100k was for the most part was the easiest, but not necessarily easy. All I can say is “good luck!”

  3. I saw a couple once doing tha in 91 and it was quite a sight…they went far also…but it was not easy and everyone saw it as torture to the kid…I think the pressure from other pilgrims make them return home…

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