What is the accommodation costs on the Camino de Santiago?

What is the accommodation costs on the Camino de Santiago?

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Can you tell me if I am right in thinking that it’s possible to get accommodation along the Camino Frances for as little as 5 euros/night? This is what I’d been told and budgeting for (starting around the start of October 2012), but reading through the forum, I see a lot of places for 25 euros and up. I’ve looked through Guy’s (?) wonderful spreadsheet and it seems things are a lot more expensive than I thought.

Read the good advice on the Cost of accommodation on the Camino de Santiago here.

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  1. I just finished mi second camino.
    The accomodation cost for municipal Albergue (in Galicia) is 5€
    If you choose parroquial albergue, usually they are in donative form…
    Only if you stay in private albergue, you will pay for 10/15/20 or more euros per night


  2. I did the Camino in 2010.  I found places that were free.  Some of the religious convents still house and feed peregrino for free.  Of course, there are only a few places like that.  If you stay in regular Albergues plan on 5-15 euros per night (10 euros is average).  There are of course more expensive places that are 25+ euros per night.  They tend to be more like low end hotels or hostals.  Its not a bad idea to treat yourself to a “nicer” place (especially in the bigger cities, Burgos, Leon, etc.).  If you plan 10 to 15 euros per night for the camino you will be able to have some night that cost more and some night that are cheaper.  I hope you have a great experience.  Buen Camino! 

  3. We have just got back from walking sections of the Camino – we did about 300km in total. We found that there was nothing under 10 euros each except for the Municipal Alberger in Leon which was 5 euros each and a parish albergue in Estella which asked for a donation – they provided breakfast and a very healthy and filling dinner as well, so we gave then a generous donation.
    Wendy and Stew from Durban, South Africa.

  4. I just returned on September 20. It was 10 – 12 euros for albergues if you have someone to share with you there are private hotels that weren’t much more 20 euros for 2 beds. The noises in the albergues are the biggest problem. Ear plugs are a good idea. I had 300 euros that. lastedc me but I was lucky to find a traveling companion to share with.

  5. We walked in 2010 and spent 6 to 12 euros per night. There are donation only places but not too often. (You get what you pay for). Sleep rough sometimes if money is short. You can still ask an albergue for a shower for possibly a euro…..

  6. Please don’t think of “donativo” as FREE! Donate, whatever you would for the night, according to the quality of services you receive. Water, electricity etc are not free, even if the place is the worst on your camino.

    1. i’m planing to do it also in august -september with my bike. I’m from roumania. and i need to make sure that I will have sufficient money. ANY ADVICE IS HIGHLY APPRECIATE IT !

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