What is the best book on the Camino de Santiago?

What is the best book on the Camino de Santiago?

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I have read over 13 personal accounts and spiritual books now on the Camino. I want to continue on but want to be a little more selective on what I choose to read. So I wanted to get everyone’s top five books that they have read and then I will post a poll to let everyone vote on which ones are the most popular. these are the ones I have read so far:
-Walk in a Relaxed Manner: Life Lessons from the Camino
-Roads to Santiago
-My Father, My Daughter: Pilgrims on the Road to Santiago
-Camino Chronicle: Walking to Santiago
-The Journey: A Guide For The Modern Pilgrim
-Pilgrim Stories: On and Off the Road to Santiago, Journeys Along an Ancient Way in Modern Spain
-El Camino: Walking to Santiago De Compostela
-The Pilgrimage to Santiago (Lost and Found Series)
-The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago De Compostela
-The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago: The Complete Cultural Handbook
-El Camino De Santiago: Rites of Passage

What others are on your top five list?

Read the interesting lists of Camino de Santiago books (non-guidebooks) in english.

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  1. I am not sure about the five best ones, but according to me, the worst one about the Camino is the one by Sherley Maclaine.

  2. Travels with My Donkey: One Man and His Ass on a Pilgrimage to Santiago. It’s funny and the author never fails to point out his own foibles and miscalculations.

  3. All The Good Pilgrims by Robert Ward; Rooster in the Cathedral by Paul Myers; To the Field of Stars by Kevin Codd. All excellent, all beautifully written, I highly recommend all three. I read them before I walked the camino and again when I returned home.

      1. I wrote one about Camino France’s. It’s called Strong Camino Woman. You can locate it at Chapters or Apple. It is published with Smashwords.

  4. One with a different perspective: Travels with My Donkey: One man and His Ass on a Pilgrimage to Santiago. Tim Moore taught me never to take a donkey.

  5. I just finished “Camino: A Journey of the Spirit” by Shirley Maclaine and it was one of the most inspiring things I have ever read. She shares the vivid revelations she experienced on The Way as well as how she conquered her fears and blisters (as a woman in her 60s, she finished the Camino Frances in 30 days!) Fabulous, life-changing book.

  6. Just finished the book “What the Psychic said to the Pilgrim”. Worth the read. It is very funny and holds your attention as well as provides some light historical information. Jane is very honest about her shortcomings and ability and her candor about her feelings is refreshing! Laugh out loud funny!

  7. murielles angel by mary howell is a wonderfully personal novel, about the life changing effect of the Camino

  8. Check out a Million Steps by Koontz. Good stuff. Not a guidebook by any means but a very enjoyable read.

  9. With all modesty, may I suggest “Talking With Cats” A Journey of Spirit, Healing and Wisdom on the Camino de Santiago. I walked the pilgrimage in the summer of 2012 after cancer surgery and took 60 days to arrive at Santiago. I spent another 30 days walking to Finnesterre and Murcia. The book came out this summer (2013) and has received very favorable reviews on Amazon. I enjoy history and architecture so Talking With Cats tells the Camino history as it chronicles my journey to health and awakening.

    1. Are you serious? She whined about her toe nail the whole time and never let us know what happened. Grandma’s? Plural, more than one whiny woman with a nail problem

  10. Hello, I hope someone can help me locate a series of articles written as I understood it for a Canadian newspaper way back in 2001 – 2003. Those articles really got me interested in the Camino, and I would love to read the again. I found them on the Internet, and even saved them on my PC, but many years and computers again, now I can’t locate them.

    I don’t remember many specifics from the articles; what I remember most vividly was that he had to spend several days in Pamplona (because of blisters, stomach problems(?),no I think blisters.) The journalists was very doubtful, if he/she would ever make it to Santiago. Not much to go on, but someone else on this forum might have read the same series – or maybe it’s a book now.

    The whole aspect of “will I be able to make it?”, started it for me – and I still try to make it as often as I can. Even though I have made it to Santiago many times, I will always return. Therefore, I would like to know who set me started on this incredible journey that never stops!

    Buen Camino,
    Kari Børrud

  11. The best will be the one I will write if ever can finish the Camino!!! Just joking….there are a few more in Spanish, but I rather prefer English, I know what we think, is interesting what others think!! Thanks everybody!!! Buen camino

  12. I’m not claiming that it’s the best book on the Camino, but I wrote one about my 2015 hike along the Camino frances. It’s Kindle book and titled “A Senior Citizen Walks the Camino de Santiago. You can search for it on Amazon and download a preview under “Look Inside” if you’re interested.

  13. I too just finished reading “What the Psychic said to the Pilgrim” by Jane Christmas. Really funny as well as interesting. Gives me hope that I can do it!

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