• Macarena

    For a week: Camino Portugués. 1) ValenÇa (Portugal) – Porriño. 2) Porriño – Redondela. 3) Redondela – Pontevedra. 4) Pontevedra – Caldas. 5) Caldas – Pontecesures. 6) Pontecesures – Compostela. Look Migueloyor`s videos.

    • Hi Macarena.

      Is the Portugués as well signed (arrows / shells) as the Camino Frances? I think one of the most important things for me on my first camino is that the route is quite easy to follow since I will be travelling alone…

  • Sara Kennedy

    I would recommend NOT to do any part of the last 100km of the Camino Frances (Sarria to Compestela) since many people do that part only, and it is very crowded. My favorite bits of the Camino Frances were the first few days – St. Jean to Pamplona would be feasible!

    • I agree, definitely NOT the last 100km, for there you don’t get the real wibe of the camino!
      A good place to start is from Astorga (which is a beautiful city itself)..

  • Silvia

    For 1 week walk i recomend part from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Logroño, from Puente la Reina to Burgos, from Leon to Triacastela or from Hospital de Orbigo to Portomarin.

  • Rupert

    I only had ten days and I started from St Jean — I’d recommend that

    1) It is beautiful country
    2) I feel I have started something properly, and can return to do more
    3) You have some things to tick off: France, crossing Pyrenees, etc – sense of achievement as well as “I wish i had more time”
    4) But you can make some real progress
    5) It is easy. Speifically, the support is really good, because so many people start from there: signposting, helpful people etc. If you do somewhere else they may be assumption yo already know how things work

    The travel isn’t too difficult (and, again, there are lots of resources)
    Then walk as far as you walk, and catch a bus to get to wherever you need go

  • Brian

    My name is Brian and I’m hoping to do for 7 days on some of the camino routes. this september. Any advice would be appreciated. I’d imagine covering approx 40 to 50 k per day. I’m an experienced mountain and off road runner and have dome many multi stage 7 day races
    I gather it is good to avoid the last 100 k of the route. I do like the idea of crossing from France into Spain over the Pyrenees

    • David Saunders

      Why do so many kilometres per day? Slow down and apreciate the scenery. 25 to 30 max per day. Definitely start in st jean.