What is the best way to get from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid?

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How difficult is it to get back to Madrid from Santiago de Compostela? I was thinking bus, but not too sure about a 7-hour bus ride. Looks like plane tickets are really cheap, but I don’t want to buy in advance, because I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be arriving in Santiago.

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  1. I liked to take the bus from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid (3x!). You can take the first class bus. It’s a little bit more expensive but you get snacks and more. For me it was perfect to think about my “way”:) and unwind completely!

  2. many take the bus… the faster option might also be: http://www.ryanair.com/en But many pilgrims wants to travel home slooowly.. 🙂

  3. Take the train = The Day train is a beautiful trip – Worth the time – You will probably encounter folks on the train you met on the Camino – You will enjoy
    this trip. The train arrives in Madrid late {near Midnight}.

  4. Flying to Madrid is easiest, quick and not very expensive if you choose the right airline.  Some people suggest bus/train but after the Camino you have seen enough of Spain for a while. The train anyhow go so fast that you see very little.  I took the train after my second Camino but it was a long trip and I have not met any pilgrims whom I stayed in contact with.

  5. I took Ryanair to Madrid. A little inconvenient as airport is 10 k from Santiago and flight is early. Stayed at hotel night before near airport. I understand there is a midnight train to Madrid which I think would be interesting. The train station is very accessible in the center of town. I would give it a try next time.

  6. I caught the bus from Santiago to the airport last Sep easily in time to catch the 09.35am Ryanair flight to Madrid, the flight cost EUR 24.21!

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