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  1. I believe the only “thing” I found difficult was the first two or three days – just getting used to the routine. The rest was / can be a leisurely walk (and prayer time for me).

    1. Novelty and fresh feet carry you through the first day. But when you look at the map on the second day and realise just how much more there is, then you have to be some kind of stupid just to carry on

      1. for me cebreiro? was the hardest physical day besides ronsevalles to pamplona in one day!

  2. Crossing the Pyrenees was physically difficult, while crossing the Meseta was mentally difficult. I went alone last summer and for me, finding a routine and good people to walk with were the keys to getting through these stages. It got easier though – towards the end of the Meseta, and everyday onwards, I found I could just walk, not wanting to stop. Though it’s worth mentioning the traverse and descent from Foncebadon to Molinseca was also challenging – take your time through that area and you’ll be fine.

    1. Agree with this one – the descent is tough – it’d been raining when I went and I had a nasty tumble – no major injuries – split lip and a few fabric repairs needed – poles are really good for this bit. Shamefully the worst part of the fall was the sound of 2 young lads running down the hill after me – they saw me fall and came to my aid – bless them thay were wonderful – but I felt stupid (at having been seen falling) – the old adage of pride coming before a fall is so true – it also comes after…. People are wonderful

      1. I can relate. I crossed the Pyreness in a driving rain storm. Had to take off my glasses just to see where i was going. :). No falls or slips, but it took a long time.

  3. The second stage from Roncesvalles to Zubiri was hell on earth. My backpack was too heavy. The first day across the mountains drained all my energy and I cursed the way!

  4. During my first camino in ’91, crossing the pyrenees was hard and then climbing the Cebreiro mountain in galicia….but upon my two other caminos I realised that the worse really is el Cebreiro because is constant climbing no stop to the top…is tiring…many pilgrims think that if they have their back pack carried for them by car while they climb it would be easier…I actually found that more difficult not to have weight on my back while climbing…the pyrenee climb is not so bad after all…

  5. I am confident the physical abilities will not spoil my attempt to walk the Camino, What I have not be able to spark in my desire is the devotion of time and expense for a mythological story.

  6. I found the first two days St Jean, Roncesvalles to Zubiri physically hardest, while crossing the Meseta was mentally and emotionally challenging.

  7. Stupidly walking from puente la reina to los arcos in one day!
    We got into Estella at mid day had a Menu del dia with a bopttle of winw and stupidly decided to walk on. The wine had no baring what so ever on our decision! lol

    1. Transitioning back to everyday life after experiencing total freedom on the Camino was really difficult. I’m not sure friends and family at home fully understood that.

  8. There was nothing hard about the Camino! The hard part is the reality of the world you come back to . However the Camino is life! So you view life through a different lens and that lens makes it even more exciting! I now walk the Camino everyday!

  9. The most difficult part for me was the first several days physically ,mentally and emotionally. And then, I got stronger!
    After that, I suffered the breaking up our group of seven in Burgos. Three of us kept walking while others went home.

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