What is the one Albergue that you would not miss?

The question was:

I am looking for those special Albergues that you past travelers would say could not be missed. Was there a memorable meal, experience, host, that you would say, “Go out of your way to make this happen” ?

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  1. The hostel in Tricastela, the Muncipal!
    It was very dirty and cold. The doors were saloon doors, oven top and bottom, even in the showers.And it was very noisy. Very unpleasant.
    And the hostel in Palas de Rei, “Buen Camino” Everything made ​​so narrow, unkind, just off the main road, 24 hours traffic, especially trucks.

  2. Albergue de Peregrinos Casa da Recoleta de Tamel S. Pedro Fins Barcelos (you can find it on facebook) on the Camino Portugues

  3. As far as i understood you want something so good, that can’t be missed. If I’m right, then can highly recommend you albergue Granon – one of the best experience on my way with such a spirit that I really concidered to stay there 🙂
    Their OPEN money box sign talk for itself: put as much as you can, take as much as you can…. Buen Camino!

  4. Pereje! I loved sleep there. The bed was so comfortable and big!!!!
    There was a nice garden, and kitchen too.

  5. Torres del Rio. This is an isolated village with an interesting Templar church. The Albergue was owned and operated by an Italian woman who had renovated the old buiding without losing the original character, it was clean and pleasant to sleep in. Dinner was taken in an adjacent building after a guided tour of the church. Best memories of the Camino for me. This in 2001!

  6. The one run by the nuns in Carrion de las Condes in a former school. Warm welcome, spotlessly clean, and the only albergue I hit in my 2009 Camino with twin beds instead of bunk beds. Starting from Le Puy next week and will try it again in June.

  7. The free albergue in Estella was most memorable. The two people that run this small hostel are gracious and work very hard to make everyone’s stay a good one. The dinner of risotto and mushroom sauce was the best, and it came with big bowls of salad served family style. We had a light breakfast of fresh food in the morning also. There is a box by the door for donations, otherwise there is no charge for all this.

  8. The albergue in Grañon, it was amazing, and the hospitaleros wonderful people!!! This albergue really changed and mark my Camino. The meal they give you, the wonderful people there, you feel like in a big happy family.

    Buen Camino

  9. Yes, i remember Guemes , on North Way , the hospitalero gave all of pilgrim dinner and breakfest to and told me nice stories, offered wine, cake and fruit too, that was a forgottable evening

  10. Roncevalles is AMAZING. I think it spoiled me and I thought the entire Camino might be that way. It was also a sight for very sore eyes after my first day of walking albeit through the mountains with a terrible map that lead us to believe we were a lot closer than we were. Heated floors, hot showers, cheap laundry… yes, yes, yes!! My favorite! OH! And they woke us up with music. So soothing.

  11. The albergue in Borres, Asturies, Camino Primitivo. Has anyone visit? Hehhehe!! An extrange experience!!

  12. Carrión de los Condes with nuns singing for and with you, priceless!!! And Grañón i also nice 🙂

  13. Loved Maralotx Zirauki but also Albergue Villatuerta! Both places had great vibes from the hospitaleros that ran them. The one in Villatuerta was run by a couple, and the massage is not to be missed. Kindness and compassion from the hospitaleros in Albergue de la Piedra (Villafranca del Bierzo) in the form of a an early morning drop at the bus station for a friend of mine. Truly, the albergues not to be missed are the ones where the hospitality of those running them far outweighs any services provided. Perhaps there are too many to mention. 🙂

  14. upon the Norte : Güemes and San-Vincente de la Barquera

    upon the Frances : San Bol 24 kms after Burgos (600m near the Way)


  15. The Albergue Municipal in Carion de los Condes has live music with the singing nuns, and 2 nights a week classical guitar concerts in the church of Santa Maria. Greatly enjoyed and greatly appreciated!

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