6 Replies to “What is the one albergue you would avoid?”

  1. after a REALLY wet walk in the mountains to zubiri (on the camino frances) upon arrival in Larrasoana there wasn´t much of joy to find that the heating was none OR that the albergue in the monastery at samos (also on the camino frances) had no warm water, but since it was a really old monastery that only seemed to added to the experience AND the albergue in Ribadiso had no pots or pans to cook from….

  2. Please avoid the Larrasoana albergue is the worst in the whole French, including his hospitalera, sorry starting with her!!

  3. Larrasoanna as well. I was yelled at by a psychotic Spanish woman(caretaker I assumed)for having the light on while I was trying to use the bathroom at night. She stomped into the Albergue while people were trying to sleep and started her loud rude yelling lecture. I wanted to throttle her. Place is also supposedly infested with bed bugs. Has been labeled the “Black Hole”, and for good reason. Number two would be the place that was run by the two fingered man, he was creepy and weird. I read some complaints about him so hopefully he will not be allowed to volunteer again. I can’t remember the town name of where the Albergue was located.

  4. I had a good experience in Larrasoanna. It so much depends on “hospitaleros” and you can’t check in advance.

  5. Most fo the albergues are run by former pilgrims and have a great atmosphere. The only exception on the Camino Frances in 2012 was the albergue San Nicolas de Flue in Ponferrada. They force you to go to bed by 10:30pm in small rooms with four beds in each. If you can’t sleep it’s tough luck and they won’t let you use any of the other facilities until morning, except the bathroom. It’s also worth noting that if you are a cyclist, you won’t be allowed to keep your bike in the albergues grounds, which is strange because it’s the size of several football pitches. These rules are set by the hospitalero and unfortunately it’s the only hostel in the town, so stay in Molinaseca or Villafranca instead. Both of these have good reputations.

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