What are your favorite foods on the Camino Frances?

Food on the Camino de Santiago

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There are lots of special opportunities to try new foods or regional specialties on the Camino, and wouldn’t it be nice to hear other people’s special food memories and have some tips on food favorites to look out for when you’re hungry and in need of calories after walking?

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  1. It is very difficult to do vegetarian. You will need to carry a lot of food or go to the market daily. The market are only open for a short period of time daily. You will have to plan to make it work.

    1. Agreed, I found it very difficult. Got so sick of eating bread and cheese all the time. I found that food described as vegetarian contained fish alot of the time. Pasta salads nearly always had tuna in them. Best bet is to plan. If you find a supermarket with fresh food cook enough for 2 days and carry it with you. I bought plastic containers with me. Only stay in places with kitchens so you can cook.

  2. Oh dear, I’m a vegetarian and wondered if it was going to be difficult to find food to eat and it sounds like it will be.

  3. We are vegetarians & had no trouble foffowing a vegetarian diet whatsoever….a vegan diet might be harder but usually the pilgrim menu has 2 courses — first one is usuallya choice of salad, pasta, vegetable soup and something else veggie like pepimientos de padrones. The second is a meat course. But just ask for 2 different first courses. We never had any problem. And for breakfast—tostada & great coffee at all the cafes. Lunch— all the cafes uusually have “bocadillas: (sub sandwiches with great bread) & you order one with just cheese in it. & there are stores with a lot of veggie choices in all the towns.

    1. Thats great news, I was thinking I would have to take some dried meals!!! Thank you so much for your comments

  4. It won’t be a problem. I have been on the Camino two times as a vegetarian and outside of a ham ridden garlic soup I have had no troubles. Repeat after me,” Yo soy vegetariano. Yo no como carne o jamon.” The “no jamon” is very important!! I suppose it takes a little more leg work by visiting the shops in towns for fruits/vegetables but it is worth it. The salad mixteca is on every menu but make sure to order it without the tuna (atun) even if it does not mention it on the menu. They almost ALL come with tuna. Also, be sure to stop in Larrasoana at the main bar on the corner. They had a DELICIOUS vegetarian sandwich. It was huge but so good I ordered a second!! Happy travels!

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