What is your favorite place for a rest day?

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I’m relatively new to posting on this board, but I have been reading on here for a while planning for my journey next year with a couple of my family members (from SJPdP to Santiago/Finisterre).

I’m doing some real generic planning (leaving things more open-ended), but I’m interested to know in advance what some people’s favorite places to rest for a day are. Whether it’s for scenic beauty, history, culture, art, etc., where would you recommend stopping off for a day to just simply enjoy and take in the local offerings? We plan to rest about 1 day a week, so it would be great to know from people’s experiences where to shoot for these days of rest.

Read the good advice given by pilgrims related to their favorite place for a rest day on the Camino de Santiago.

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  1. In our experience rest days are boring – we have walked the Camino Frances 4 times! Just vary your day lengths & you won’t need to stop anywhere for a whole day.

  2. Astorga, the Guadi restaurant there is great and very reasonable and the Albergue nearby where you can avail of a public body massage.

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