What shoes are pilgrims using on the Camino de Santiago?

What shoes are pilgrims using on the Camino de Santiago?

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Hi all, there are so many threads in regards to footwear, many opinions, many different kinds of footwear. I know a common reply is: “use what works best for your feet” and “the same thing does not work for everyone”, while that is true it’s nice as a newbie to get some ideas on where to start. My wish is not to start another discussion I was hoping you could list what shoes you wear both during the walk and in the evening and perhaps a comment on why that works for you. Just to put some ideas in a beginners mind :).

Read the list of shoes (names of brands and model) that pilgrims posted in our forum.

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  1. shoes/boots designed for walking and hiking, also walking socks, you can’t stop your feet hurting, they’re not used to walking so much day after day, but they will get used to it, the biggest factor for your feet, and legs is how much weight your carrying, you can always post stuff if you find you don’t need it after all

  2. I was extremely happy with my Asolo hiking boots. I wore sock liners under my wool socks and never encountered blisters. My dad chose hiking boots for the rough terrain and took his running shoes for milder surfaces. I took Chaco sandals that are adjustable, (feet swelling/socks) supportive, and that would dry quickly for showers and walking in the evenings. As much a good investment as my hiking boots.

  3. I was wearing Jack Wolfskin ALL TERRAIN
    TEXAPORE WOMEN boots and Falke Socks for Hiking, I believe that socks are much more important then most of the people think. I did not have one blister or any other problems with my feet and I was soooo happy! But there were people walking with Crocks, Running Shoes and so on, they were fine too…. so… best is what fits you best and what you like… and prefer! 😉

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