What T-shirts to wear?

T-shirt for the Camino de Santiago

The question was:

Is it true better not to wear cotton on the Camino, because it easy gets wet and takes long to dry? What type of fabric is better? I saw some very nice shirts from buff. But they are quite expensive. Are they worth the costs? Or is cotton good enough?

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  1. tee shirts are fine, i would bring 2 or three, so when it is a bit chilly (winter, night time) you can layer up, Spain is generally warm and dry so drying shouldn’t be an issue

  2. If you want the best — Icebreaker merino wool t-shirts. Keep you warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s hot, dry in a flash and don’t stink. You don’t even really need to wash them (I wore 2 the entire Camino and only rinsed them in water and a pullover which I never washed) and they never stank.

  3. Very light weight clothes are better. Items that fold easy. Remember a good quality backpack. You do wash your clothes when you finish your walk for the day but remember if it is raining your clothes won’t dry so they will have to go in your bag wet. Or like my husband did hang them on the back of your bag. But he lost them along the way.

  4. “Read the interesting conversation on the best t-shirt for the Camino de Santiago here” Come on people. Just another example of stupid questions on this site. Remember the hole essence of this trip. “There is no path, the path is made by walking”

    1. Not positive and there is no need…. might seem ‘stupid’ to you but maybe you are alot more experienced than man others?

  5. I’d like to defend this question, it does seem like a very simple question but when your considering a 4-6 week walk and only taking 2-3 t-shirts…. there is alot to consider. I’m walking the Camino in september and slowly getting all my gears together. I’m at the stage now where I’m thinking about clothes. When its put another way – hi-tec vs low-tec, cotton vs merino etc…. its a very good question and I’d like to read as much POSITIVE input as possible. I was in the process of gearing up with full merino… but now I’m having 2nd thoughts. I always wear cotton, I’m not a ‘smelly’ sweaty person, as with everybody else I will be handwashing all my dirty clothes each arvo…. etc etc…. So just to repeat myself – There is no such thing as a ‘stupid’ question…. infact what would be stupid is to not ask!

  6. I don’t have any of the wool t shirts yet but think I will look into them. I have a few synthetic ones but like the idea of not having to do laundry every night. I have been wearing Smartwool socks for years and they do not retain odor and can be worn several days between laundering. I’m glad someone asked because I was surprised at the answers, figuring most would endorse tech fabrics. Thanks for asking!

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