What time is recommended to start walk in the mornings?

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We have some discrepancies about at what time we should wake up every days and start to walk’ My opinion is to wake up as son as possible, around 6:00, because we need to arrive at the end of the day ASAP too, because we are 11 people and will be sometimes complicate to find enought beds or acomodation for all of us. Can somebody give me any advise?

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  1. You will be up with the other Pilgrims anyway and you will have coffee with them. It’s a natural thing.  Go with it.  Everyone starts about 6:30 each day and finishes around 1-3 as that is when the Auberges open and fill up.

  2. Better to ask the hospitalario upon arrival. As far as I know only two albergues on the Camino Frances  request pilgrims to leave not before 08h00 (To give everybody a good rest was the argument which is very fair). Having to rush for a bed/beds is a problem if you are in a group whether it be 2 or more. Some pilgrims prefer to sleep later and none of the albergues separate early risers from those preferring to get up later, I don’t know of any group that can go about packing early and in a quiet manner without disturbing the rest of the pilgrims. It may be feasible to find beds where the whole group are separate from other pilgrims but that may not always be possible.

  3. a year ago we woke up even around 5.30 when we had longer days to walk. If the others start walking before you its difficult to find an albergue to sleep in. 11 people may take a half of the places in some albergues.  I recomend to find a web site that has all of the albergues and how many places they have. We had that kind of paper, it helped us choose.

  4. It depends on how early it is bright in the morning.  I walked for a week last October, and lots of people left in  the dark at 07:30, which is fine if you know the road to take, but by 07:45 it was bright anyway. Bear in mind that you might not all get accomodation in the one place, which really won’t be a tragedy, and try to be in less of a rush: the camino isn’t a forced military march. Buen Camino.

  5. Sometimes people really over think the camino. You should all and each individually start when you feel comfortable starting otherwise you are falling into the trap of being as regimented as the daily schedule you may be trying to have a break from. Each day will be different as to what each person feels capable of.. The camino is magical at making a mess of the best laid plans 😉 So go prepared to eat anything, to walk anytime and to sleep anywhere and in the company of anyone. Have fun!!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I woke up when I woke up unless it was near 8:00 a.m. and someone would wake me up. Never turned down at an albergue in the mid afternoon. Best advice someone who had walked the camino. “Do all your planning when gathering the right equipment and clothing, and then show up and just walk.”

      I had one reservation and that was for the first night in SJPP.

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