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  1. The best time is May -june. Every place u meet piligreans and this is the main activity and it is most of the time great. And of course diner, and rest.
    For age 60 or 26, at the Camino there is no diferent exept the time and the no of kilometers u walk per day. The spesial of the Camino is that all the pepole become frendly but with great respect for your privet time. It easy to make freinds same as to stay by yourself. U must try it to understand it.

  2. I will do my walk in September. Anyone knows how the temperature will be during day & night? Just to know, not to pack unnecessary things in my backpack…

    1. I did September last year – walked in shorts. Had a fleece for evenings. Used a one season sleeping bag – could be cool at night.

  3. Reading Brierly’s Guide, he recommends end of august to September. It is a little cooler and most albuergas are open. There will still be a lot of activity on the Camino Frances. I will see, as I am walking in September.

    1. hi! how many days are you planning to walk? I have 2 weeks off in the second half of october… havent planned it till today as I thought it will be too cold…do you have any advices for that part of the year?

  4. are there any over 65’s that have walked the Camino and how long did it take?

    1. I did the Camino in Sep 2011. I’m over 65. My friend who was with me was 70. It took me 29 days. My friend did it in 27 days. We both started in Roncesvalles.

    2. I am 67, 6’1″, 180 lbs and I walked from Pamplona to Santiago in 29 days, August 22 – Oct 19, 2013 with a 14.5 lb. pack. No problems and zero blisters.

  5. End of May, might be best
    I’ve done it 2 times around then.I done it in 2010 middle of April. Rain and wind for 18 days. I done Portugese camino in 2009 end of September and October,it was beautiful, but some really wet days.

  6. I´ve there in october that was a very good time too walk, not too hot and no rain. All places where open and not to much people.

  7. The best time of teh year to walk the Camino is between January 1 and December 31st – just walk and experience the different facets of life – its not just the walk that is the Camino it is the preparation, the adjustments to your life – the changes you find in and of yourself – and then the way you live after you travel the Camino – the walk is a symbol – how you live your life is the true Camino

  8. We arrived March 28th with a major snow upon us and a closed pass at St. Jean and the rain,wind,mud,mud and more mud until Burgos. I would do it again . The discomforts of weather was temporary. The Camino provided.

  9. hello, does someone know what would be the best route for traveling in january – february in terms of weather. i have been told that traveling camino de france during those months might be tricky because of the weather especially on the roads in the mountains, and also a lot of amburgines would be shut. please please if anyone has more info about traveling during the winter months i would very much appreciate it:) thank u

  10. hello every1, im hoping to do all the camino from start to finish, from ireland. just wondering about my budget while im there. would anyone have an idea.? thinkn of going july next yr

    1. are you going July 2015? and what did you end up setting your budget at for this trip? and how much time did you plan for your walk?

  11. I am planning a trip to Camino in May of this year. My son and I want to walk from Sarria to Santiago. Can anyone tell me, is it better to book ahead of time using an agent or is it just fine to pay as you go?

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