What typ of bike is best for the Camino de Santiago?

bicyclist passing the road near the river

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This forum member is going to rent a bike to ride the Camino de Santiago and has the following question:

So my question: I am traveling fairly soon but have been indecisive about what type of bike to rent for the trip… so I haven’t but I need to act fast!! I’d like to hear your advice / experiences.

I plan to ride roads as much as possible, though I’m sure I’ll be lured to the footpath on occasion. I hope to average ~80km per day. I ride a road bike recreationally at home and am probably most comfortable on a bike set up like a road cycle. But I’ve also never sat on one for 11 days over 500 miles. So I am eyeing a “comfort tour” model, but it looks potentially heavy and I’m really not a fan of front shocks on a road bike. I don’t need to “go fast”, but I also don’t want to be continually weighed down by an overbuilt, spongy bike. But then again, those fenders / mudguards look really appealing, especially if it rains for the duration.

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