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  1. I constantly had to make pharmacy stops…bandaids for foot blisters, it was rough. Also didnt even think about taking a day or two off during the month long expedition. Its pretty hard to walk 25 days in a row! Plan to take a few days for rest (best to do in a bigger town) and stay in a hotel. That had never occurred to me before I embarked on the trip.

    1. I also had more farmacia visits than I had planned for, as well as two clinic visits for an infected toe and blisters. Really didn’t put much of a dent in my budget, but i did miss two and a half days of the 23 days I walked. That was more frustrating than the added expense.

  2. Actually, it was a new pair of sunglasses. They are too important to not have or try to skimp on quality.

  3. My most unexpected cost was buying a bicycle and staying a week in Barcelona until the bike arrived and was equipped with gear. Over a year ago, i made plans for my husband and me to bring our bikes on a transatlantic cruise. We signed permission forms and had been assured that everything was in order by the cruise agent. Our plan was to ride from Barcelona to Santiago where we would store our bikes, and then walk the Camino from Lisbon back to Barcelona. We were looking forward to two Caminos in 2113.

    The day before embarkation, we found that we were unable to take our bikes. My husband removed the panniers and racks, put them in suitcases, and we left for Barcelona. After searching 4 or 5 bike shops, we bought our bikes from Tomas Domingo. Our bikes will be ready on Monday and we will start our Camino on Tuesday, May 7.

    Between the bikes, hotel, and restaurants, our “unscheduled” cost is about $4,000 dollars. As the commercial says, “Experiencing the Camino–priceless!”

  4. hi, it was lost of 250 euros in santo domingo de la calzada in alberque, when a ‘nice’ I dont know who stole them from my wallet( all the money, also the coins)…so pay attention to your personal things..:)

  5. You have to decide if you can get by on four to five hours sleep in an albergue. Because if you wake up during the night, the snoring may keep you from getting back to sleep. So we eventually booked private rooms and that was our extra cost.

    1. If you plan – and book ahead, obviously depending on when you travel, Leon can be cheap. I spent two wonderfully quiet nights in a single room with en suite facilities in the Residencia Universitaria San Agustín – 2 years ago this set me back E28/night – really comfortable, safe and clean – all facilities available and very central. Thoroughly recommend

  6. The extra unplanned farmacia visits really added up. Compeed are expensive but they worked well for me so I was willing to take the hit. We were also hit hard when we decided to take a rest day and din’t have somewhere booked to stay in Leon. We couldn’t stay two days in the abergue (didn’t want to either as we wanted to stay out late and have some fun) so we had to book a private room. Many of the places were full and some were quoting ridiculous prices. Plan your rest days in advance to get good deals on places to stay.

  7. When I walked the camino in spring 2013, I had met a lovely girl. We walked together and had a crush on each other. After finishing the camino we spend a memorable week in Santiago together. As kind of “farewell-present”, I bought her a nice golden necklace.

  8. Changing my whole pack 4 days in. The old frame pack was too heavy. It cost me in euros, but saved my knees.

  9. Hotel i Pamplona as the albergues and hostels were full August 14 and some really nice dinners (over €30) in Santiago and Ferrol and Santiago again.Buying medicine for my heartburn was not scheduled and quite expensive as well but otherwise it was much less costs than I thought. Have a file in my phone with all expenses and will sum it up one day,

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