When their Camino fails to live up to expectations

When their Camino fails to live up to expectations

Not really a question, but still an interesting discussion:

A good reason why one should walk with no expectations or preconceived ideas of what the Camino will be like for you. A priest on the Camino once said, “The Camino will be for you how you walk it”.

“I am disappointed. This journey has failed to meet my expectations in so many ways, that finally I’ve had to own up to it. Unfortunately El Camino de Santiago is a prepackaged tour masquerading as something else. Herds of so called peregrinos are shuffled in mass along a single, narrowly defined route from ‘pilgrim bar’ to albergues de peregrino to tiendas selling cheap Chinese made Camino souvenirs. It is literally one tourist trap to another. Very little is real, authentic or genuine in its intent. And the only difference between me and the bus riding tourists is our mode of transportation. I walk. They ride.”

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