Where and how should I book my return flight from Santiago de Compostela?

Camino de Santiago flights
Camino de Santiago flights

The question was (paraphrasing):

Are the albergue computers safe to use for plane bookings? Do they have spyware and viruses? Would it be safe to enter my credit card on those computers?

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  1. All airlines will have secure servers that you pay through, so using the public computers will be fine. Just make sure you log out of your account before you let the next person sit down! 

    Also, it’s worth considering purchasing your flight in advance otherwise you’ll be paying a LOT more for them. That said, some pilgrims like the freedom of being able to arrive in Santiago whenever they want rather than having a flight they need to catch on a specific day. 

  2. Hello! I want to introduce myself to the Blog. I will turn 63 this month, and I hope to retire in May, with the first order of business being to walk The Northern Way, preferably commencing in mid-May. Being a novice, I will probably be asking you veterans for advice from time-to-time when I can’t find answers elsewhere. The first question that comes to mind is “How do I get back?” Prior to starting in Irun, I will be in Lekeitio in Euskadi (Basque Country) where I have a “piso”, and will probably take LarraldeBus to Donosti/Irun from there. After completing the pilgrimage in Compostela, I would be returning to Bilbao, and from there, back to Lekeitio. Unless I give myself a lot of leeway, it seems it would be difficult to try to plan and book in advance. Does anyone know how successful I would be at flying standby for my return? Would there be any cost advantage? What about booking “on the road”- how early would I need to book to get a price break?

    Thanks in advance!
    Ron Hunter
    Pacifica, CA

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