Which GPS do you recommend for the Camino de Santiago?

Which GPS do you recommend for the Camino de Santiago?

The question was:

I got a private message about what GPS I use, and thought I’d post it here.
What I want for my trips is a GPS with:
• Long battery life, preferably runs on AA batteries
• Waterproof
• Daylight readable screen
• Ease of loading multiple maps and tracks
• Enough memory to store each days travel for several weeks
• Strong antennae and no need for internet connection
• A good bike handlebar mount
Not too heavy or expensive

There are apps to make a phone do about anything, but they flunk on the battery and waterproof criteria. I hear they tend to lose signal too.

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3 Replies to “Which GPS do you recommend for the Camino de Santiago?”

  1. Please if you really want the best of the Camino experience, leave your gps at home and follow the YELLOW ARROWS, the only gps a true peregino needs, Buen Camino!!!!!

  2. You do not need a GPS at all. However, you can brng it with and after 4-5 days of walk to lose or simply leave somewhere. Nobody can argue you – you by yourself will easily recognize, how crazy idea was NOT to leave ot home.

  3. The GPS will not just have a map but will log your walking as a record of your camino. I have VIEWRANGER on my iphone and this is the only reason I am bringing the iPhone. I have downloaded a map of Asturias for my camino ingles and will log where I have walked as a permanent record of where I went each day and how far. Won’t use any data charges either!

    Each to their own
    Buen camino

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