Why do you stay in Albergues on the Camino Frances?

This poll was set up on the forum last week and has gotten some good replies. 

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Why ask? I’m curious. That’s all. I’ll explain in a moment.

I’ve limited this Poll to the Camino Frances. Because:

  1. It’s the only one I’ve walked so far :oops:
  2. It’s the most popular route.
  3. It has the most infrastructure and range of accommodation I think. So we are spoilt for choice.

Why am I curious?

Well I’ve read all the pros and cons of different accommodation types and I’ve tried most myself, though not the ‘full monty’ albergue experience yet. Only private rooms in Albergues so far.

And let me declare I am not ‘against’ Albergues in any way. There is no ‘motive’ behind this Poll.
I have nothing against communal living per se.
I just had enough of it in the services ;)

So I tend toward private accommodation myself. Though I plan to try other Caminos soon, where accommodation options are more limited, so I’ll be using Albergues then for sure.

So I am not ‘anti’ Albergues OK :)

But would class myself as ‘Albergue Curious’ ;)

I’ve come across all types of people making use of Albergues and many of my Camino ‘buddies’ in the past were staying in them.

So I’m curious. Why do you like to use them?

Tick all that apply!

Take the poll and see the results of Why do you stay in Albergues on the Camino Frances? here. 

1 Reply to “Why do you stay in Albergues on the Camino Frances?”

  1. You will have missed some reasons in your survey. One of my main reasons is because they are there. I do not book accommodation. I walk the appropriate distance for that day, which I only know as the day unfolds, then seek accommodation. Normally it will be an albergue.

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