Why you should over-night before SJPdP

This came up on the forum a few days ago. 

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Long flights and time-change have always affected my digestion.
I am not talking about getting sick from – recycled cabin air, germs/bacteria in food/water.

My gateway to SJPdP has been… flight to Barcelona, train to Pamplona, bus to SJPdP
I am talking – Stress of Travel, poor quality Sleep (if any), 6 hours of Time Change, and Dehydration.

Over the next several days, I may experience Constipation, and/or/then Diarrhea.

On my first Camino, it became VERY clear, that there are less then a handful of washrooms between SJPdP and Roncesvalles.

My solution (on our 2nd Camino) was to spend two nights (a full day) in Pamplona.
This allowed my body time to “adjust”.

What helped me on my 3rd Camino was…
before I left Home:
-a big bowl of Oatmeal (easy to digest, has roughage)
-bring Carrots and homemade Brand Muffins for the trip (easy to digest, has roughage)
-(and the big one) drink lots and lots of water before, during, after the flights.
Note: You’re about to spend five weeks using Public Washroom. You may as well get started early.

This made a big difference.

I am now planning my 4th Camino and still intend to stay two nights (a full day) in Pamplona.
This still helps to adjust for time change.
Spending a full day in Pamplona allows me to:
-get a Spanish Sim Card
-get items that are not Carry-On compatible.
Small scissors
Pocket knife w/ corkscrew
Hiking Poles
-mail my real set of clothes/shoes to Santiago for when I arrive.

If you are Retired… You should think of a day or two to adjust.
If you are stuffing a 5 week walk into 4 weeks… to bad. Adjust on the trail (actually, beside the trail)

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  1. Smart approach and recommendations. In fact, we take our own fiber mix for our Camino as that’s important with the different types of foods we will be taking. Another key element in our preparation is the nutritional supplements, as our bodies will be taxed more than usual. For the Camino Frances, we are flying in via Madrid, and spending a night in Pamplona (before making our way to St Jean Pied de Port). I think too many try to make it to SJPP in one day after arriving at an airport in Europe. Stressing one’s body un-necessarily before the Camino impacts the quality and effectiveness of the Camino itself. Don’t be penny wise, and pound foolish.

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