WiFi along the Camino de Santiago

Wifi Camino de Santiago
Many pilgrims are walking with a device that can connect to WiFi hot-spots, a good way of sending messages and photos back home to friends and family.

Have a look in the Camino de Santiago forum for some good advice on Wifi along the Camino de Santiago.

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  1. WiFi on the Camino?
    I can hear them crying: “Oh no, we want the pure caminofeeling.”
    I say “chacun a son gout”. How do you get to your startingpoint at Saint Jean or to Porto, on foot from Germany or England? Only very few. Or do you walk with old leather shoes or Sandals, a Pelerine of heavy leather. Do you drink your water from a calabasse? Are your cloth made of wool and cotton? Do you carry only the clothes you are wearing? Do you use a toothbrush? Do you wash yourself or your clothes in a river, or a least do you only shower with cold water in the albergues? Come on, be honest. You use modern fabrics, hitech shoes, a lightweight rucksack, a müslibar (just in case), isn´t your 800g sleepingbag warm enough even below 0 °C…
    We had the same discussions on cellphones. 2010 on the Via de la Plata I did not meet more than a handful of people with a smartphone. 2012 on the Primitivo at least 25 to 30 %, estimated. In 2015 95% estimated.
    So don´t be hypocrites, and buon camino.

  2. I hear all the ‘purists’ – but surely as long as its disturbing each others day, to each their own! I live in NZ, with my wife, 2 young children and I run a small business…. I will be away from home for 6 weeks – I am very VERY lucky to be going at all. Considering what the toll charges are on phone calls to home etc, if I choose to stay connected to home via wifi or mobile thats my choice… and to be honest if I cant then I would not be going. I feel a little bit more open perspective and consideration should be used towards others choices. Namaste 🙂

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