4 Replies to “Will my debit cards, Visa electron and Maestro work in Spain?”

  1. Sunday: 06/05/2011

    Check with the bank who issued your Visa & Debit Cards – ask who their
    associate bank is in Spain. Us only that banks ATMs to avoid high ATM fees.

    My VISA & Debit cards worked well on the Camino

  2.  The chances your cards will work are very very good but make sure with your bank first and take at least three options of cards along to be certain. Albergues only accept cash.

  3. Always carry some cash €20-50 as some of the smaller towns and villages don’t have ATM’s also some bars, restaraunts do not have card processing facilities. Got stuck couple of times but managed to get sorted.
    Buen Camino.

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