Your favorite “section” of the Camino

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I would like to spend 10-15 days walking on the Camino Francés in 2011 and was wondering which section to do. I can probably average 25 kms per day.

I understand that arriving in Santiago de Compostela must be something quite special but I don’t mind waiting a year or two until I can get more time off work to walk the whole way.

I’d love to hear your opinions on the most interesting section (if there is one) to make my first walk as enjoyable as possible.

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  1. I would suggest you walk the first part of the camino frances. From Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. Walking through the Pirenees is really special, it makes you arrive and cleanses you, usually both your body and your soul. Navarra is a beautiful part. Especially if you plan to return to the camino, in your place, i would start in the beginning. SJPDP-Burgos, 12 days.

    I can completely understand you. I had three weeks vacation only and walked 19 days, 650kms. Started in SJPDP, walked to Frómista and then with public transport to Astorga and walking again to Santiago. Though I walked more than 25km on average, rather 35. I skipped half of the mezeta and the industrial area around leon. in the beginning i regretted (blaming my bosses) that i didnt have more time to walk. but later i understood that it had to be this way. in order to walk into the friends i had met, it had to be like this.

    whichever part you choose, it will be the one you need to walk. it will be your camino.

    Buen camino!


  2. While arriving to Santiago is a beautiful experience, if you start within 100km of Santiago you will find the camino a bit more touristy, more crowded, and the albergues more expensive and less accommodating. If I was going to only do a section, it would most certainly be from the first half of the camino because you will undoubtably form closer relationships with people and experience a more genuine, less touristy, better accommodated, introduction to this life-changing event. The whole thing is beautiful start to finish, but as an introduction, start at the beginning and return to do the whole thing when you can, and you will return.

  3. I recommend beginning in St Jean Pier de Port and walking as long as you have time for. There is so much magic as people begin the Camino and bond with one another with all the excitement and adventure of the unknown…
    And the scenery is very beautiful.

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