Your favorite “section” of the Camino

Drawing by Jan Ramsey

The question was:

I would like to spend 10-15 days walking on the Camino Francés in 2011 and was wondering which section to do. I can probably average 25 kms per day.

I understand that arriving in Santiago de Compostela must be something quite special but I don’t mind waiting a year or two until I can get more time off work to walk the whole way.

I’d love to hear your opinions on the most interesting section (if there is one) to make my first walk as enjoyable as possible.

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3 Replies to “Your favorite “section” of the Camino”

  1. Actually change mind from fb comment start in St Jean , it’s so much more personnel to start here and work towards Santiago 😉 so jealous I want to go back!!!

  2. Lovely painting of the Rua do Vilar. I stayed in a hostel just above the arch on the right last year, on completing another winter Camino. Compostela in winter is so much more mysterious. I can’t wait for the day I first arrive there with my donkey… First I need to train my donkey.

    Thinks: Maybe the donkey will want to go somewhere else. 🙁

  3. A great experience to cross the Pyreneers, and recommendable to walk the hole tour – the minimum of 30 days does something to your soul

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