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Estremoz is an interesting town that’s well worth exploring. Entering the town on the camino through the Évora Gate reveals a characterful neighbourhood containing some abandoned buildings, while the northeastern part of the old town is more affluent. Inside the castle, a 16th-century Manueline prison has tastefully been turned into the bar and restaurant A Cadeia Quinhentista.

The Museu Berardo Estremoz opened in July 2020 and is a fabulously presented museum showcasing 800 years of Portugal’s famous small, polished tiles known as azulejos. The museum contains the largest private collection of azulejos in the country.

There are several workshops/shops showcasing bonecos (dolls or figurines), a local tradition in Estremoz. One of them, Afonso Ginja, is one block west of the castle entrance.

To get an official stamp, go to the Museu Municipal inside the castle.

The Road:

Leaving Estremoz, the old route went through Santo Amaro, but the new, more rural route goes through Sousel - with both routes joining up before Fronteira. To take the Sousel route, follow the arrows left off the road at Monte da Granja

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