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Povoa is one of Portugal’s most popular seaside resorts, with plenty of hotels, shopping and even casinos to show for it. All were built to support tourists who flock to the nearly 12km of beaches. A rich collection of artifacts relating to Povoa’s rich seafaring history are on display at the Ethnography and History Museum of Póvoa de Varzim.


The Metro of Porto Line B (Linha da Póvoa) terminates here. 

The Road:

The entirety of the walk between Póvoa and A Ver-o-Mar can be done along the coast, following the shoreline. Shortly before arriving in A Ver-o-Mar the signs are unclear. If you get to a large soccer field (no grass) you want it to be on your right, but it will likely be on your left. If it is on your right, the way is across a small bridge. If it is on your left, simply turn left at the end of the field and keep on straight, across a different bridge but one which will likewise take you across a small sandy stretch into A Ver-o-Mar.

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