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The Road:

The camino is very well marked leaving A Vide, and off-road alternatives have been closed. Stay on an asphalt road that takes you to the Pazo O Reguengo, passing through Broza. This is another asphalt stretch, about 2.5 km., but with the noble old pazo (farm complex) there to provide a landmark.

This will take you to the hamlet of Castrotañe.

Shortly after the estate’s walls end, a moon indicates a left turn onto a paved road. This goes through a little hamlet of a few houses, named San Lourenzo. When the road ends, the Camino goes into the fields for an extremely short distance. You emerge in Castrotañe, where an English woman, Penelope, has a casa rural and offers rooms to pilgrims at reasonable prices. One pilgrim stayed here in 2015 and paid 20€ for room and kitchen access. Penelope also took her into town for shopping. Information on Penelope’s place: Tel. 677 120 321 OR 982 17 16 32 or via email at

The path continues on to the small hamlet of Piñeiro, with its welcoming fountain.

IF the path from San Lourenzo is overgrown or muddy, you can remain on the paved road, the LU-P-4112 and in a few minutes you will arrive in Piñeiro, where you can pick up the Camino again at the water fountain.

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