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Quiet village with a fountain in main square. It has a pharmacy and small shop of the typical “lights off but we carry everything” variety. The shop is closed on Sunday. Bar Casa Marisol does full meals and has a wifi signal. This establishment doesn’t open till 12:30.

Polideportivo may or may not be available for pilgrims. Information would be appreciated. Possible phone number is 987 460 181.

The church of San Vicente in Borrenes has a wooden virgin from the 12th century. An abbot from Villafranca visited the church in 1701 and left instructions that the pilgrim hospital should be re-opened and a space for poor pilgrims provided. In the 18th century, records show that some ill pilgrims died here and were buried in the hospital cemetery – a pilgrim from France, a poor German pilgrim, and an injured soldier who had made the pilgrimage because of his disability.

The Road:

Continue out of town, and resist the temptation to take a small, manicured fitness trail on the left. Just stay on the road and walk around the bend. A dirt track will appear up and to your left; a short climb later the trail will descend again. The first road you see takes you to Carucedo, which is not on the Camino. If you want to take a slight detour and then walk along the road up to Las Médulas.

Continue straight and turn left on the next road, which takes drivers to Las Médulas. A short distance along the road the Camino once again diverts into a more scenic landscape of chestnut groves. A short distance outside of Las Médulas, you will rejoin the road and enter town along it.

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Accommodation in Borrenes

Casa Rural