Puente de Domingo Flórez

Camino de Invierno


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Pharmacy, supermarkets, bars, ATM, a medical center, and one hostal. Internet is available at the town hall in the old town, set against the old bridge on the río Cabrera and in the Hostal.

The Road:

In Puente de Domingo Flórez, the Camino markers take you over the bridge on the national Highway N-536. This road is called Avenida de Orense in town. At the intersection with Calle Chao de Marco, turn left. When Chao de Marco curves to the right, you should turn left at the Día supermarket (mojón will direct you) and onto Calle Acceso Quereño. You will know you have gone too far on Chao de Marco if you pass the Guardia Civil barracks and the Hostal La Torre. Calle Acceso Quereño takes you over the bridge and into Galicia. About 50m after going under the RR bridge, Bar Estanco (opposite Quereño RR station).

After crossing the bridge, the Camino makes a big looping upside down U. Pass the electricity pylons on your left, go under the railway bridge and you’ll see three roads in front of you. Take the one in the middle and loop past some houses in the town of Quereño.

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Accommodation in Puente de Domingo Flórez

Albergue Casa Rosa
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