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Buiza is your last stop before beginning the more mountainous middle section of the camino. If you plan to stay here, you are advised to bring food as the only bar in town has irregular opening hours. The albergue is in an old school building at the entrance to town and there is a fountain in front of it.

The Road:

From Buiza the camino ascends to the Alto de San Antón, and before it the Forcadas de San Anton (forcadas translates to pitchfork, an aptly descriptive word for the jagged rock formations). It is about 2.5km up to the pitchfork. The descent is much more pleasant and passes through a pine forest. Before the alto there is a yellow arrow pointing along a non-existing path along the stream. A steel arrow indicating 'Mieres' is the arrow you want to follow.

NOTE: At the end of the pine forest the camino splits and the marking isn´t obvious if you have been lost in thought. On your left is a small concrete block building (for pumping water), and it is here that the official camino turns left and off of the road.

A second option, the one you might accidentally find yourself on, is to follow along the road towards (but not to) Rodiezmo. Along this path, you will arrive at the Cruz de la Salve. From the Cross, the camino turns sharply left. If you miss this turn you will end up in Rodiezmo, which means either following the busy national road or retracing your steps.

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Accommodation in Búiza

Casa Rural