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On the way into Luarca take a pause to admire five of its finest Casas de los Indianos; immediately on the camino are the Villas Excelsior, Cristina, Rosario, Argentina, and Barrera.

Being a river city the monuments, beaches and accommodations in Luarca are on both side; it is a crooked river and there are several crossing points. As usual, the best views are a hike away to the headland where you will find the faro (lighthouse) and the Capilla de la Atalaya.


The fiesta of Nuestra Señora del Rosario is celebrated on the 15th of August and San Timoteo is celebrated on the 22nd.

The Road:

Leaving Luarca the camino climbs a bit, winding its way uphill though a residential expansion of the city. The road straightens out and levels off, and the camino follows it all the way to Otur. It crosses the N-634 along the way and when it passes through Otur (which is located on the N-634) it does so to the south of town.

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Accommodation in Luarca