Tapia de Casariego

Camino del Norte


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Tapia is included here as being on the official camino because there are historical reasons to do so, and modern arrows make it easy. It is a medium-sized town built around a modest fishing port with plenty of options for food.

The municipal albergue here wins the award for best-views-without-a-climb but it is not large so get here early.

The Iglesia de San Esteban was built in 1898, making it almost brand new (and neo-gothic).

The Road:

From Tapia to Figueras there are a few walking options, including several coastal variations that are not officially the camino. If you follow close to the coast you won’t get lost and it is a beautiful walk. It cannot help but bring you to Figueras, which is the riverside border town of Asturias.

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