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Cornellana sits at the confluence of the río Narcea and the río Nonaya, which made for a suitably strategic place to build a monastery. Dedicated to San Salvador it remains the centerpiece of the town and is where the municipal albergue is housed.


San Juan is celebrated on the 24th of June, and Nuestra Señora on the 15th of August.


A monastery has stood here for nearly 1,000 years. Operated in the earlier centuries as a Cluniac order. At that time it was one of the most important monasteries in Asturias and a key stopping point for pilgrims along the Camino Primitivo. It remains an active monastery, though of a much smaller and more Benedictine nature.

The Road:

The camino leaves town from the road behind the monastery. Arrows are weakly painted here. Simply follow the road to the left of the monastery, and turn right at the first junction to follow the property line behind the monastery and uphill.

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