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Take some time to explore the well-preserved walls of Galisteo, there are a few shops and a bank within them but the highlight is the ability to walk atop them; an adventure which sounds simple enough but which is not for anyone with wobbly legs and a fear of falling from high places.

The Iglesia de la Asunción is near the eastern gate and is a bit of an anomaly for not being oriented to the east.

The Road:

From the albergue return to the main road and exit town by walking uphill past the walled part of town, keeping it to your right. Arrows bring you to the Río Jerte (1.7km) and the Puente Romano which crosses it.

From the river, the camino climbs to a pair of roundabouts which straddle the motorway. It is paved walking to Aldeahuela del Jerte.

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