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Overlooking the village from the other side of the reservoir is the Ermita de la Virgen del Castillo. The municipal albergue is located along the N-630 before the camino gets to the village, and the Hostal Asturiano is just a bit further south of it.

The Road:

The way from Montamarta crosses part of the reservoir here, which may be impassible when the water is high. When that is the case simply take the N-630 over the water.

In 4.5km the camino crosses over the A-66 (see note below regarding optional road route). It then crosses a few rivers and returns to cross back over the A-66 once again. From here it follows a straight path directly to Fontanillas. Along the way is a signed detour to visit the ruins of the Castillo de Castrotorafe, a former stronghold of the Order of Santiago.

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Accommodation in Montamarta

Casa Rural