Outeiro (San Pedro de Villanova)

Vía de la Plata


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A bar will deliver meals. Your best bet is probably to bring up food from the Día supermarket in Ponte Ulla.

The Road:

From Outeiro the camino passes through Lestedo (3.7km), A Susana (bar, pharmacy) (3.4km), Aldrei (3.1km), and Santa Lucía (bar) (2.3km).

The camino enters Santiago from a neighborhood called Sar, named for the modest river that flows through it. It is here that you will find the Colegiata de Santa María a Real, a 12th-century construction that is well worth a short visit. It is to your left just after crossing the river. From the church, the camino continues along the same road, and eventually steeply uphill to the old town. 

At the top of the hill, the arrows are a bit hard to find. There is nothing more to do than to cross the road and head into the old town via the last standing gate, the Puerta de Mazarelos. Continue through it and keep on going straight (against traffic). You will pass a statue to Alfonso II at the highest point (geographically speaking) of Santiago, and here keep on going straight where the road narrows considerably. At the next crossroads, turn left steeply downhill. At the bottom stands the Cathedral.

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Accommodation in Outeiro (San Pedro de Villanova)