Puebla de Sanabria

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The camino through Puebla follows a path which skips entirely the oldest and best parts.  It is a short climb to the top and is recommended, especially for a visit to the Castillo de los Condes de Benavente (with museum).

The Road:

If you stay at any of the accommodation options on the south side of the city be sure to retrace your steps to get back to the camino, it would be easy to confuse the southern road with the northern one.

The camino follows the road north out of town but soon picks up a trail (before you get as far as the N-525). The walk is scenic, and muddy after a rain. On several occasions, it joins the N-525 but never for very long so keep an eye open for the exit points. It reaches Terroso (9.7km) and then makes a large loop to the north before descending into Requejo de Sanabria.

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Accommodation in Puebla de Sanabria