Requejo de Sanabria

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These days Requejo is the defacto heavy truck stop for the nearby AVE construction, with a number of restaurants along the road.


AVE ALERT. The camino has largely avoided any serious disruption because of the AVE construction. However, the mountains of Galicia make for a much more complicated job and the camino has been rerouted in several places. There are plenty of signs indicating the detours, which frequently have you walking on the busy road. The bulk of them occur between here and Lubián. NOTE that the town of Aciberos has been cut off from the camino by these changes.

The Road:

It is uphill from here to the Portela de la Canda. From Requejo the camino follows a narrow country road adjacent to the river. This road soon ends at another and straight ahead is the OLD camino. DO NOT follow it, rather heed the detour signs telling you to turn right and up the road. It leads back to the N-525 which, unfortunately, you have to follow.

On two occasions the camino leaves the N-525 in search of a safer path, be certain to follow both. At the entrance to Padornelo you can either turn left to walk through the lower part of town or you can keep on the road (the camino returns to it).

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Accommodation in Requejo de Sanabria

Albergue Casa Cerviño
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