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Mesquita is a small village that is being revitalised in part because of the camino. Its population was down to 16 before the beginning of a development project that includes a four-bed albergue, a restaurant and several refurbished homes available for short-term rental. Staying in Mesquita is a great way to experience life in a tiny village and to inject money into the local economy. 

The albergue can be booked on but to help the village avoid paying fees, consider calling César on +351 964 879 133 and reserve directly with him (he speaks English).

Eating at the restaurant requires pre-booking. An alternative is to self-cater at the albergue, which has basic cooking facilities. The restaurant sells limited supplies including pasta and canned beans.

The Road:

Leaving Mesquita, the camino follows a paved road for about 4km. A short-cut leaves the road and avoids the interesting village of Vicentes, while arrows continue on the road and pass through Vicentes, after which the two paths rejoin.

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Accommodation in Mesquita