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The Road:

The camino takes you mostly around Ceras, and as you approach the town, it will be on your right-hand side.

At the first T-intersection turn right (towards the main road) but left again on the first street. The idea here is to keep off the main road as much as possible and in 100m on you will have to turn right towards the road again.

Turn left onto the IC3 and follow it for 250m, at which point the camino leaves the road via a path on the right.

Once on that path, you will turn left to cross a stream and then turn right again, and at the next intersection turn right again to take you past a ranch; at this point, you will be walking away from the IC3 and back into the forest along a dirt path.

NOTE: The next intersection is poorly marked. 1.2km from the ranch the trail you want turns left at a fork and up to the ridge but is poorly indicated. If you get to a 4-way junction, you have gone too far. Fact: this is the eastern most point of the Camino.

Turn left up that trail and you will eventually pass through Portela de Vila Verde.

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