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All services, including a tourist office with sello, often staffed by members of the local Camino Amigos group. In A Rúa are restaurants, markets, wineries, and accommodation. Be sure to stock up for the next day’s walk.

In 2018, we learned that the Association is working to get government permits to renovate an old school for an in-town albergue to replace what had for year’s been an albergue in the home of the local association president. That albergue, Casa Asún, is no longer taking in pilgrims. No recent information on the progress of the albergue plans.

Municipal sports center (polideportivo) is currently available for pilgrims. It is located in the riverside park, which has the name Agullón. It is 1 km from the town hall. Monday through Friday, just go there directly between 3 and 10 pm. On weekends, call the local police, 696 91 75 94. Whether you sleep there or not, the riverside park is recommended as a nice spot to relax. Bar O Refuxio (next door to the polideportivo) recommended for its BBQ.

Hostal Taxi, Calle Dr. Vila, 10. Tel. 988 31 14 73; (phone may be 988 31 04 11).

Next to the church and right on the camino is the small hotel and restaurant O Pillabán. Praza Enriqueta Casanova, 11. Pilgrims have been pleased with both the accommodations and the food. It is one of the most highly rated restaurants in A Rúa. Rooms for pilgrims are 20 €. Tel. 988 311 416; or WhatsApp them at 627 89 10 04.

Casa Rural Pacio do Sil  is actually outside of the main part of town, on Calle Xestal 33. Highly recommended. To get there, as you are getting close to A Rúa, watch out for the sign that points to the right for the Camino, and points straight ahead for going into the town of A Rúa. Stay on the Camino. Continue past the San Estevo church and head up Rua San Esteban O Bouzo. Where the Camino swings left down the Rua Vilela, leave the Camino and cross the N-120 on a pedestrian bridge. Walk another few minutes and you will see the Casa Rural in front of you. A little pricey, but several have reported it is well worth it.

For places to eat, Bar Taxi is also recommended, as is Restaurante A Lareira. Rúa do Progreso, 85. Bar Pepa, near the Ayuntamiento, is highly recommended but may not open till late in the day. Across the street, the “O 4” bar also gets good reviews from a 2019 pilgrim. O Retorno, reported to have excellent tapas and high Camino friendliness.

On Sundays, and on the 7th of each month, Amalia sets up her pulpo stall outside Bar Bravo, located on the same street as Hostal Niza and Bar Taxi. A huge portion of pulpo, potatoes, bread and wine (enough for 2 or 3) cost €9.20.


From A Rúa to Quiroga there are not many services. Carry extra water and food. Fountains have been reported in four spots: one just past Alberedos; one at Montefurado, and two in Bendilló (one is at the entrance to the village and the other is in front of the church).

The Road:

Leave A Rúa by climbing up Calle Currelada to the church of Our Lady of Fátima (look for the slate-roofed twin towers. Contrary to local tales, the church was not designed by Gaudi!) and head for the N-120 road. Arrows take you to the right and lead beneath the highway. Upon leaving the tunnel, make an immediate left (arrows were reported faint, but seem to have been much improved).

There are now 7 km of asphalt walking (with very walkable soft shoulders) on the OU-933. The name of the road changes to LU-933 as you cross from the province of Ourense to Lugo. There is virtually no traffic. It is a walk of exceptional beauty above the río Sil, if you are lucky enough to walk on a clear day.

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Accommodation in A Rúa de Valdeorras

Casa Rural
Hostal Niza