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There is another peto de ánimas here. Penasillás, a town of 18 people and surely as many or more dogs (none menacing, however), offers a fountain of cold spring water. The wise pilgrim will fill up here for the climb up a logging road toward the Monte Faro shrine. There is also a bar here, Cantina o Peto, which seems to be opening earlier now that pilgrim traffic has picked up. Officially, it is supposed to open around 10 am, but 2019 pilgrims have found it open as early as 9. It also has a stamp for your credential. If closed, one pilgrim urges others to knock on the door of the house on the right, where the owner lives. The family told him they would be happy to increase their pilgrim traffic.

The Road:

The next five km steadily ascend to the Monte Faro. Eventually you reach an asphalt road with a monolith. Continue on this road.

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