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The bridge over the river which you crossed to get to Quereño marks your arrival in Galicia.This is a curious town full of people who mean well but do not likely know the land outside of town. You enter town after passing over a bridge and under the train tracks and are immediately faced with a barrage of arrows pointing left, straight, and right. The arrows are all sorts of colors, and the locals will tell you that some are from a recent construction job in the area.

The Road:

As you come back close to the RR tracks (having completed the upside down U), you then will make a relatively sharp right turn to go up a hill to cross the tracks. At that spot, there is frequently a loud barking dog on a chain that takes him to the very edge of the owner’s property (reported still there but greatly chilled out in June 2019) and if you are startled, you may continue straight rather than take the required sharp right turn. As you ascend after the turn, you will see arrows. The Camino weaves a bit, until you cross over the RR tracks (thus putting you between the tracks and the river), only to cross back over them about a km later.

From here, the Camino keeps to the right bank of the río Sil, paralleling the RENFE railroad tracks. This is the Camino so favored in winter, with a riverine microclimate that offers sunny exposures and avoids freezing temperatures and ice. There are two recently installed picnic tables with nice views over the river separated by a few kms.

At this point the Camino stays on the “land side” rather than the “river side” of the tracks, although in earlier years the Camino took you on the side closer to the river. You may see arrows on the other side of the tracks if you are looking closely, but you should ignore them.

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