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Descend to the edge of the river town of Soldón. Arrows will take you through and out of town and past a riverside café or chiringüito (with very seasonal hours) which is located under the elevated national highway. If you walk in high season, the café will be open into the night. Great place for a snack, cold drink, and a swim.

You may have trouble finding the arrows through town. Just remember that the Camino will cross the river under the elevated highway, which is quite easy to find.

The owner of the tourist apartments El Molino de Soldón, which are located at the river’s edge, now offers lodging to pilgrims. 40€ for two (price is the same for one) with towels, sheets, and breakfast. Fully equipped kitchen. Additional pilgrim 15 €. Tel. 679-455-126. Email address: More info on their blog: The owners also report that with one day’s notice, they will do grocery shopping for you and have it waiting in the apartment. Nice service! The village is essentially deserted, so it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The Road:

Cross the bridge over the river, then turn left and keep straight on.

At the next fork, go right and up to the highway (going left will take you down to the river and the railroad tracks). This road takes you to the N-120, where you will walk on the left grassy shoulder for a short while.

A marker takes you off towards Sequeiros to the left. At the next fork, stay up and right (do not go left and down to the river unless you want to see the center of the little town, which is mainly deserted with a few fixer uppers). Soon after the first house you pass as you enter the outskirts of Sequeiros, you will turn right under the N-120 in a tunnel. (You will miss this turn if you have gone down to the river and walked through town, so backtracking may be needed). The Camino is paralleling the N-120 at this point.

In a short distance, you will go over a bridge with a metal rail on the left. At the fork, stay up and right (do not go left and down). Go up to the plaza of the castle of Torrenovas. The Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem built it and ran several pilgrim hospitals in the 14th century, probably attracted by the strategic lookout over the río Sil. In the plaza with the castle in front of you and the ermita behind you, turn right. This turn is counter-intuitive because you can see Quiroga in front of you. There is a very nice shady bench in front of a renovated house.

When you turn right, there will be old houses on your right. Before that row of houses ends, a Camino sign takes you left onto a grass path. It is a lovely walk on grass down and around a small stream, through green thickets. Turn left on a logging path, and then, when you reach the paved road, go left again.

Keep going straight through several intersections. This takes you through the hamlet of Caspedro. At the end of the hamlet, go to the right of the little church, then straight through another group of houses. Finally, you will emerge on the LU-933 and go straight into town.

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