Camino De Levante




The Museu Valenica de la Festa. It is housed in the building of a Dominican Friars convent which was restored in 1993. The museum is worth a visit, to learn about Algemesí’s famous fiestas in September, the Muixeranga, which involve building human towers.

It's at the Museum that you'll retrieve the keys to the Albergue Municipal, which is opposite the museum or in the police station when the museum is closed. It's the only accommodation option in Algemesí, with 2 single beds and 3 bunk beds, and a kitchen. I believe the kitchen is fully equipped, and that a washing machine is available. There are a few supermarkets around, so we can get what we need for our evening meal. I am told that it is wise to always have the key to the Albergue with you, as the front doors are automatic, and you could be locked out without them.

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