Llanos de Someron

Camino De San Salvador


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Fountain, and a place to relax in front of the church. If you do so, don't be surprised if a local comes along to unlock the church for you to visit.

The Road:

From here on to Puente de los Fierros there are two options.

Stay on the road

Before entering the small town look for a path to your left marked Fresnedo. In fact, you do not actually need to enter the town of Puente de los Fierros. This route takes you through two hamlets and past one ermita (San Miguel), and a fountain.

The Munisteriu Alternative

This is a more challenging alternate route which abandons the road shortly after leaving town and which follows a 4.8km mountain trail. It is more rigorous, but most rewarding things are. This route includes an elevation gain/loss of 133 m/-387 m.

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