Boo de Piélagos

Camino del Norte


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The FEVE train station, church, and albergue are all located in curve in road.


Once upon a time the camino between Boo and Mogro required pilgrims to cross the river along the very narrow FEVE railway bridge. This is now prohibited and enforced by the locals and the police. It is dangerous and very much to be avoided. This leaves pilgrims with three options:

1. Hop on the train at Boo for a two minute journey across the bridge the legit way.
2. Follow the arrows south to cross the river at Arce and then turn back north to Mogro, a well marked journey of 9.4km. 
3. Follow the arrows south to cross the river at Arce and then continue on a newly marked alternate from Puente Arce.


San José Obrero is celebrated on the 19th of March and San Juan Bautista on the 24th of June.


Although the town of Boo is new the camino has always passed through this point. Modern travelers have the luxury of a quick train across the Río Pas but ancient pilgrims relied on the Barco de Mogro (the boat of Mogro) to get across; a service which was free to pilgrims.

The Road:

Once in Boo it is possible to cross the train tracks at the platforms, though do exercise caution. This is the shortest path to the Albergue Piedad. The arrows will otherwise take you around town (it is a small town) on the main road and over the railway.

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