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A small and compact town with a large beach, and one of the few towns along the way built on terrain so steep that elevators have been installed to help people get up and down. The Ermita de San Roque, on the hillside, is along the camino as you descend into Deba.

There are a lot of architectural gems here, more than you would expect from a town this size. The Iglesia de parroquial de Santa María and the Santuario de Icíar are the obvious ones, but some municipal buildings and even the bridge out of town are deserving of a second glance.


Wave goodbye to the sea. It will be exactly 80km before it returns into view in Bilbao. Between here and there are several mountainous stretches.


San Roque is celebrated from the 14th to the 18th of August.


Not many ships come to Deba these days, but that has not always been the case. Because of the Ermita de San Roque, it was once a popular starting point for pilgrims arriving at the peninsula by sea.

The Road:

The camino and the GR-121 alternate route meet in Deba near the ermita. The camino crosses the river along a footbridge near the train station and on the opposite bank turns right. A short distance later it crosses the road and just beyond that it turns left, going upwards once again along a combination of well marked roads and paths.

Keep to the marked camino at this point, ignoring all other trails until you reach the Galbario Ermita.

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